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Does my renters insurance coverage damage to my vehicle?

I had missed a payment due to an address error made by my insurance company. I was under the impression I would receive a monthly bill by mail at my request as I don’t have a good history with computers. Will my renters cover any damage to my vehicle in the meantime while I get this straightened out?

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch

In short, no. Your renters insurance excludes damage to your vehicle because it is considered a part of your car insurance. However, your renters insurance will extend to the contents in your car up to a certain limit, which you can find within the policy documentation of your renters insurance policy.

If your car insurance was canceled as a result of your company not sending you a bill, I recommend not not using your vehicle until you can rectify this problem. In California, it is illegal to drive without at least liability limits. Best of luck.

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