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Renters insurance denying coverage for burst pipe

A pipe burst in my rental unit and I have renters insurance. But they are now saying because I didn’t have heat on they won’t cover. I left for a few days and when I returned a pipe was bursting out water. I didn’t have heat on when I left. And now they are saying that they won’t cover it. This doesn’t make sense.

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch

I recommend looking through your policy documentation and see if there are any stipulations regarding your responsibility during winter months. Some require you have your home above 60 degrees to prevent damage to your pipes or keep the faucets dripping as to prevent the pipes from bursting. If they do require this, you might be out of luck. I would also reach out to your landlord to see if their insurance would be able to cover it. This might not cover the damages to your belongings, but could help with the damage to the building.

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