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Do I have to report an accident I wasn’t at-fault for?

Someone hit our car when my wife was parked at a parking lot. The other lady was driving to the spot next to our car and she hit the left side of our car when she was trying to fit into a spot. We contacted the other driver’s insurance and they are sending us a check for the damages. What do we do now? Do we have to report it to our insurance company?

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch

If you have a loan or lease on your vehicle, it’s probably stated within your agreement to use the funds they sent you to get your vehicle fixed. Even if you don’t, if you plan to resell the vehicle, it’s probably within your best interest in fix the vehicle. Because you aren’t filing a claim and you were not at-fault, you do not need to alert your insurance company. You can precede ahead with getting vehicle fixed or keep the check, as you wish.

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