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Am I required to provide insurance information if we agreed there was no damage but the other driver now wants to file a claim?

I bumped into the back of a SUV with my small Toyota going under 5 mph. No pictures were taken and the police weren’t called. We determined there wasn’t any damage, shook hands, and drove off. I gave her my number so she could let me know if there was any internal problems we couldn’t see so I could help her pay for it. She now wants to make an insurance claim days later. Do I have to comply and give her all of my insurance and personal information?

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Neil Richardson

Technically you are required to exchange insurance information after an accident. To keep yourself from being the victim of any sort of insurance fraud you should always take pictures of both vehicles after an accident, even if there is no visible damage. This way you can prove to your insurance company that you did not cause damage to the other party. Unfortunately you are required by law to provide your insurance information at the accident scene. Failing to do so could result in a ticket or further legal troubles.

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