Am I responsible for damages caused by live in granddaughter's car accident?

My granddaughter is moving back in with us, she is 19 years old. She is getting her own auto policy. Are we responsible should she ever get in an accident? I don't want to be in jeopardy of losing my home in the event that anything happens.

Sep 15, 2018 Ocala, FL

Ava Lynch

Sep 15, 2018

As long as she gets her own policy you will not be held liable. She would be the only one that would be responsible in case anything happened. Now, since she will be living with you, she will need to be listed on your policy as an excluded driver. She will not be covered by the policy and her age and driving history will not impact your rate. She cannot drive your vehicle(s) if she is excluded. Good luck and if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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