Does roadside assistance cover people not on your policy

How can I get roadside insurance coverage that covers anyone who drives my car? Cover the car, any driver, not just me. If my kids or a friend visits me and uses my car for a little while, I'd like my roadside assistance coverage to be available to them should my car have trouble while they are driving it. Yet most plans I've seen only cover me or someone covered on my insurance. Is there a plan that covers the CAR?

May 9, 2018 Jersey City, NJ

Ava Lynch

May 9, 2018

I haven't heard of a roadside assistance program that doesn't extend to anyone using the vehicle that has been given permission to do so. While most companies prefer any driver using the vehicle to be listed on the policy, they do have previsions in the policy that extend to infrequent users. Called a "permissive user," all coverage, including your roadside assistance, would extend to this coverage unless explicitly. I understand AAA has a primary and associate membership which sounds like you are referring to. So, I would look with your car insurance company and ask for their information regarding roadside assistance.

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