My roof has developed an issue over this past winter. Is this covered?

My roof has started bowing up lately, almost as much as 1/2" to 3/4" above the wall in places. My insurance agency tried to blame it on "settling," but there doesn't seem to be any signs of issues with the foundation. I have a hunch that it was caused by extreme and quick changes of outside temperatures, quick heavy snowfalls and thaws, and long periods below zero temps. What's the best way to get my insurance company to pay for it?

Jul 30, 2019 Oakedale, MN

Ross Martin

Jul 30, 2019

Sorry to hear about the issue. Hopefully, you can get it fixed quickly. I can't say whether or not a claim would be honored. I would definitely call your insurance company and discuss it with an underwriter. At some point as they can tell you what is and is not covered, or if you feel they may not be doing something fairly, you may get a copy of the policy and seek counsel. I can say a few general things though that may help. Oftentimes, insurers will deny a claim if it is considered wear and tear or a gradual problem. A claim has to be filed for a specific loss, which means you will likely have to pinpoint an exact time when the issue arose. Also -- and it sounds like you are already doing this -- but once damages are found to the home you must take action to mitigate any further losses or the insurance could find that the damages were due to neglect. I hope this helps some, and sorry again you are having to go through all this. Please reach out if you have any further questions.

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