Should I file a claim through State Farm?

I backed my new car into a pole. I have full coverage insurance and my deductible for collision is $500. I took my car to various CHEAP body shops and got quotes ranging between $1600-$2000+. Would it be in my best interest to file a claim so that insurance can cover my new car, repairing it at a body shop that will do excellent work, but possibly raise my premium? Or would it be better to pay out of pocket for a job that may make my car look less than new? FYI: I have State Farm.

Mar 1, 2020 Myrtle Beach, SC

Ross Martin

Mar 1, 2020

These kinds of situations are going to depend greatly on your current finances and insurance premiums. If you've previously had a clean record, an accident will typically increase your rates by about 20 to 30%. At the same time, coming up with $2k right this moment might be a challenge. You may want to talk it over with your State Farm agent to see what they would do in the event of a claim being filed. Their perspective might help you make your decision. 

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