Should I have filed a claim?

I was hit from behind by another driver. The other driver said he didn't want to involve any car insurance companies because of the rate increase. He said I should take it to a repair shop and get an estimate and he would pay the cost of repairs. I said okay. Now I'm feeling a little nervous about this. Should I have just gone through his insurance?

Apr 1, 2018 Madeira, Florida

Ava Lynch

Apr 1, 2018

Many times people will do this to protect themselves from getting charged for an at fault accident. There is not necessarily anything wrong with this as long as you take proper steps to protect yourself. Get the insurance company info from the other person as backup, make sure you are using a qualified shop, keep all paperwork detailing the repairs made, and keep track of what was paid by the other party. Make sure the repair shop you take it to is a qualified repair shop. Best of luck.

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