Should I stay with my car insurance company even if I'm getting a better quote from elsewhere?

I received a quote from GEICO that is $2,000/year less than Safeco, which I currently use. My agent says not to change, and that it is a bait and switch. 

I have four vehicles, two young drivers aged 21 and 17, and an at-fault accident a little over a year ago. Is he just trying to scare me to keep my business?

Nov 11, 2019 Rockledge, FL

Ross Martin

Nov 11, 2019

It's possible that your agent is simply trying to keep your business. However, he may actually be correct. Insurance can be very complex. I would take two steps before switching companies. First, have GEICO send you the quoted coverage and make sure that it matches the coverage you currently have. With such a large discrepancy in the cost, they could be leaving out some of the coverages you currently carry.

The second step is to make sure GEICO has run all reports and completed the quote. A common tactic to get people to re-quote is to rate them with max discounts and no negative record. This means that they could be leaving off your previous accidents or claims. After the new policy is bound, you could face higher rates when they discover things not disclosed previously. 

It's always worth looking around for better rates. Keep in mind The Zebra can provide free car insurance quotes from many different companies at once.

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