Someone borrowed my car and wrecked it

I give someone permission to drive my car. Does my premiums go up if they wreck my car and they were at fault, but they are not on my insurance? My age is 42, I am a female with fair credit. Give permission for some to drive my car and the wreck and was their fault. Does my premiums go up if I stay with the same insurance comp? Or do I just change insurance comp when policy is up?

Aug 6, 2018 Bluffton, SC

Ava Lynch

Aug 6, 2018

Although it was not you driving the vehicle, it will still be on your insurance policy and thus affect your rates. For South Carolina, an at-fault accident raised rates an average of $594 per year. Most car insurance policies will raise your premium an 3-5 years. Looking at the chart below, you can see what this could end up costing you.  

Year After Accident Average Increase by Years After Accident
0 - No Accident $0 - No Increase
1 Year Later +$594
2 Years Later $1,188
3 Years Later +$1,782

    My best piece of advice in this situation to is get an estimate for the repairs and see how much it would cost to pay for the damage out of pocket. If it is cheaper than the $1,782 plus your deductible, don't file a claim. If the vehicle is completely totaled, you should file a claim. In this case, you would have to come to a separate solution with your friend.

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