Someone jumped into my car on purpose

Some kid jumped in front of a car while the light was green and got bumped with the car. Kid got up ok, should driver file a claim? Even though it was kids fault and parents didn’t want to file a police report .

May 21, 2018 Jersey City, NJ

Ava Lynch

May 21, 2018

This can be a tricky area. Although the parent's admitted fault to you, they might not to an insurance company or on a police report for fear of what might happen to their child. I would first make sure you document as much of the incident as possible - especially any communication with the at-fault party. If you want the damages to the vehicle repaired but don't want to involve your insurance company, I would recommend getting an estimate for the damages from a local repair shop and see if the parents of the guilty child will pay for the damages. If they don't or refuse, I would contact your insurance company's claims department and present them with as much information regarding the incident as possible. Best of luck. For more information, see our article on the claims process.  

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