If my son intentionally punched his leased car when he was upset, can I file a claim?

I made the mistake of leasing a 2015 Toyota Corolla to my 22 year old son 2 years ago, trusting that he would care for the vehicle. Since then the damage to the interior and exterior of the vehicle is extensive. It is being repaired currently at $5000 for just the exterior alone. I haven't even touched the interior yet. I can't afford to buy it either as I have already two vehicles in my name. Is it too late to file a claim or should I even bother?

Jul 31, 2017 Watervliet, NY

Neil Richardson

Jul 31, 2017

Outside of a vandalism claim, auto insurance policies do not cover intentional damage caused to a vehicle. If you are actually the owner of the car then you may be able to claim that your son vandalized it, but the decision to provide coverage for the damage will ultimately be up to your insurance company and repairs already made to the vehicle may or may not be reimbursed. If your son is the owner of the vehicle, though, it's even more unlikely that the damage will be covered at all. You can always contact your insurance company to inquire about how your policy applies in this situation, but the damage is probably not going to be covered.

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