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If my son was involved in an accident while driving my car, do I file a claim with his insurance company or mine?

In a 2-lane roundabout, they hit going through the roundabout traveling in the same direction. Police came, no one was found at fault. He is 18 and has coverage for his car through his father’s insurance. I got repair estimates, $3500 and possibly more. His father was hoping to avoid insurance. Who should file the claim? Me, the owner, or the father (ex) of the driver?

Agent Answer

Neil Richardson

Fault is actually determined by the insurance company based on the specifics of the crash. Auto insurance coverage generally follows the vehicle, but if you don’t actually insure the car then he would need to file a claim with his insurance provider. It’s also a good idea for him to provide them with the insurance information of the other driver as well in case the other driver is found to share in the fault of the crash. If you insure the car then you would need to contact your insurance company to start the claims process.

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