Does my son need to be on my car insurance policy or his own?

We live in FL and my son was a full time student for the past three year in FL and took an 3 month internship job in Tennessee to then moved back to FL and finish school. He loved TN so much he decided move there and now waiting to establish residency to finish his degree in TN. So currently not a full time student. He is still listed under our policy in FL and using our car. He is in the process of changing his Drivers License to TN and we are in the process of giving him the title to the car so that he can get it registered in TN. We got really expensive quotes over $1400 for six months and I currently only pay $639 for six month to insure this car. what are our options?

Apr 12, 2018 Miami, Florida

Ava Lynch

Apr 12, 2018

Insurance is regulated at the state level so he will need an insurance policy for the state and zip code he lives in. Here is a guide on driving and insurance laws in Tennessee. The silver lining of the matter is TN is cheaper for car insurance because of the way insurance is regulated.

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