How soon is a driver required to file an insurance claim?

I hit a parked car last night and after searching for the owner I left my contact info on the car since I couldn't locate them. I haven't heard from them yet. Should I contact my insurance company to inform them of the accident even though I'm not sure when or if the other car's owner will contact me? Also, if they contact me and we proceed with filing a claim through my insurance, is there a time limit in which they must contact me by? For example, can they call me a month from now and start the process? Just wondering how long I may be waiting for the call.

Aug 21, 2016 Bloomington, IN

Neil Richardson

Aug 21, 2016

It's always a good idea to let your insurance company know if you hit something, especially when you can't locate the other driver or vehicle owner. In some cases, people have the ability to file a claim years after an accident so it's best to be proactive and contact your company's claims department. This can help you avoid all sorts of legal headaches and issues since the damage will have been documented. If possible, I would also recommend providing the insurance company with pictures of the damage and the license plate number of the other vehicle, which could help your company locate the other owner. You definitely want your insurance company on your side in this case so they can keep you legally protected. Best of luck!

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