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My son is 19 and is in the service and will be overseas the next month. Is this covered by the definition of exclusion?

As long as you can provide proof of a separate address, you should be able to remove your son from your policy completely. Every company is different so you will need to check with your specific company.

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Do I need to tell my insurance company if I added modifications to it?

It's always a good rule of thumb to keep your insurance company in the loop to any changes in your vehicle. For instance, if you want the custom parts covered, you will need to contact the insurance company to add the additional coverages for custom parts and equipment.

General Insurance

Would moving 19 year old child who is in college onto her own policy a smart move?

You are definitely thinking this through correctly. It's funny because a lot of parents do not consider the risk.

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Driving History

My daughter cannot find insurance with bad driving record

I recommend the following: See our guide here: Car Insurance for 19-Year-Olds : In our case study, Geico was the cheapest insurance for teens. Within this guide, you can find some other saving alternatives. If your daughter is in school, see if she qualifies for a good student discount.

Car Insurance Costs

How can my daughter, age 19, get affordable car insurance?

Her best bet, because of her age and high cost of insurance in Florida, would be to get added on to a family member's policy of the household where she lives. Once she has been insured for at least 6 months she should qualify for lower rates because of the discount for being continuously insured.

Driving History

How will my insurance be affected by multiple tickets and an accident?

The simple answer is that you can expect to see an increase to your rate. Every ticket or accident you have within a three year period is likely to cause higher rates; the more you have, the higher the rate you can expect to pay.
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