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Should both my girlfriend and I be on the car title?

I would only put the title in one name — whoever will own and register the vehicle. Putting two people on the title may only complicate things unnecessarily and make it harder to sell.

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Car Insurance Costs

I am a 24 year old new driver. What should I expect the range of prices for car insurance should be?

The average 24-year-old in NY paid $2,431.57 for car insurance last year. However, this will no way reflect how much you pay.

General Insurance

What caused my premium to increase?

Having a lapse in coverage and an accident will likely cause a high increase in your premium. Once you've had insurance again for six months, without a lapse, your rates will start to get better.

General Insurance

Can I keep my married child on my car insurance policy in South Carolina?

It would really depend on your insurance and why you want your child to remain on your policy. If your child uses your vehicle regularly when he or she visits, speak to your insurance company about adding them as a non-resident driver.

General Insurance

Can my parent's be sued if I don't have enough coverage after an accident?

If you're on your own policy without your parents, it's unlikely they would be sued if your coverage is exhausted after a car accident. Because you're considered an adult, regardless where you live, you would be sued if you were found liable - not them.

Coverage & Claims

Since my son is under 25 and damaged his car, does it make more sense for him to file a claim or pay out of pocket?

It's important to consider the financial impact of filing the claim, regardless of his age. He will have to pay his deductible and our State of Insurance report shows an average increase of $830 in premium per year for an at fault accident in Connecticut.
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