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Should both my girlfriend and I be on the car title?

I would only put the title in one name — whoever will own and register the vehicle. Putting two people on the title may only complicate things unnecessarily and make it harder to sell.

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Does the name on the title affect car insurance rates?

No, your rates should not change by putting the car in your son's name if he is already listed on the policy. Who the car is registered under does not impact the rate at all.


Can I get insurance on just my driver's license

If you do not own a car and you are not going to be driving someone else's car regularly, you can get a non-owners policy. A non-owners policy will allow you to drive any car. It will only cover you for liability.

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Should I drop my 25yo son from insurance?

To answer your first question, will removing your son from the policy help decrease your premium, it depends. Some companies are going to charge you because the claim was made on your policy so your rates can still be impacted at renewal, even if you take your son off the policy.

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How do I get points on my license in CA?

To answer your first question, I wouldn't file a claim. Being the deductible is only a few hundred dollars, you would pay more in a rate increase after filing a claim than you would receive.

Coverage & Claims

Are some insurance providers better suited to my needs than others to get the best rate?

Because most coverage options can be matched across insurance companies, I think what you are really looking for is the best customer service/claims support for the best cost. Right off the bat, I know Geico probably wouldn't be an option for you with a leased vehicle.

General Insurance

Can my adult children who don't live with me be on my car insurance policy?

Although you are all living in the same state, insurance is rated at the zip code level. So, in this scenario, they would need their own policies.

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Should my daughter have her own insurance policy?

It would make the most sense for her to have her own policy since she will be traveling, and potentially living, in multiple states after no longer being considered a student. Her "home address", as far as an insurance company is concerned, is where she keeps the vehicle for at least 6 months out of the year.

Coverage & Claims

Since my son is under 25 and damaged his car, does it make more sense for him to file a claim or pay out of pocket?

It's important to consider the financial impact of filing the claim, regardless of his age. He will have to pay his deductible and our State of Insurance report shows an average increase of $830 in premium per year for an at fault accident in Connecticut.
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