Renters Insurance

Does the unit I want to rent need to be a legally registered residence in order for me to get renters insurance coverage?

Most likely, an insurance company is going to want the address to be verifiable before they offer coverage. If the unit doesn't have an address, you should list the main residence's address on your renters insurance and the same rules would likely apply.

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General Insurance

How do I prove I am staying in the same address I reported to my car insurance company?

It depends on the insurance company, but most will accept proof in the form of a utility bill or something similar to prove where you live. I recommend calling your insurance company to find out what documentation they will require to prove your residency and reinstate your policy.


Can I use a general delivery address for car insurance?

Your insurance policy needs to have to address where the vehicle is kept at more than 50% of the time. This is called the garaging address.


Is it discrimination not to allow someone to get car insurance w/out an address?

It's not discrimination, it's how car insurance is priced. You have to have a physical address to of where the car is kept the majority of the time since the location is a big rating factor.


How do i get a car if I am living in a camper?

This one is tricky. You need to get insurance in the state that you have the car registered in.

General Insurance

Getting a car insurance quote for 2 addresses

If you have two addresses you would need to list the address where the car is kept most of the time. This is called the garaging address.

Car Insurance Costs

Can I use my parent's address if my college zip code is causing my rate to increase?

The zip code where the vehicle is primarily kept is what needs to be used for insurance purposes. Depending on your age, company, and residential state, you may have been able to stay on your parent's policy, but since you now live off-campus you will have to use the address where you live.

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Motorcycle Insurance
RV Insurance

If I sell my home and will be traveling full-time in my RV, how do I get insurance without a permanent address?

For most personal auto policies and motorcycle insurance, a permanent address is required to properly rate the policy. My advice would be to use the address where you receive mail for the purpose of obtaining insurance coverage.
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