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Should I drop my 25yo son from insurance?

To answer your first question, will removing your son from the policy help decrease your premium, it depends. Some companies are going to charge you because the claim was made on your policy so your rates can still be impacted at renewal, even if you take your son off the policy.

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Do I have to insure both of my cars if I only drive one of them?

Like most states, Kentucky requires that any vehicle registered in the state must be insured. In fact, Kentucky maintains a database of all registered vehicles in the state and electronically monitors the insurance status of those vehicles.


Can I insure a car that is being financed by someone else?

You should be able to insure the vehicle under your own policy without much, if any, issue from the insurance company. Or you can be added as a driver to your relative's insurance policy if you live in the same household.

General Insurance

Do I need car insurance in Wisconsin if I'm not driving?

In Wisconsin, you aren't required to insure a vehicle until you put it on the road. There would be no need to take out a policy until the vehicle is registered and ready to be driven.
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