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Can I register a vehicle in a different state than I live?

Auto insurance is state regulated and zip code specific. Meaning, you need insurance is that rated (i.e., priced) for the zip code you live in and built for the state you live in (California).

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General Insurance

How can I return a car I bought from a private seller?

Your best bet is to contact an attorney. You may even consider contacting the police department, but I would recommend contacting a legal representative first since an attorney should be able to assist you in getting this other party to cooperate.

Coverage & Claims

Do I have too much insurance coverage?

It's never a bad idea to carry as much liability coverage as you can afford to protect yourself against lawsuits. That does not necessarily mean that you need a $500,000 liability limit, but you very well might.

General Insurance

How soon am I required to insure a vehicle I bought through a private sale?

Technically, the car needs to be insured before you get behind the wheel, even if the vehicle isn't registered yet in your name. The main issue in your situation is, if you get pulled over on your way home, you could be given a ticket for driving without insurance.


If I bought a car and the previous owner still has insurance on it, will I be able to insure the vehicle on my own policy?

Yes, you should insure the vehicle as soon as you take possession of it. You don't have to wait for the policy of the previous owner to cancel, nor should you.
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