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I have 2 cars insured and bought a new car but got into an accident before I could insure it. Is my accident covered?

Unfortunately, you and the vehicle were not insured during the time of the accident, and if no policy was bound at that time, then you would not have coverage for the accident. Insurance will never backdate and trying to get them to cover an accident that already occurred is considered fraud.

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Coverage & Claims
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Can I sue if a ceiling collapsed on me after repairs?

I'm sorry to hear that happened. I hope your brother is okay.

Coverage & Claims

Can my brother use his insurance for damage he caused to my vehicle?

Unfortunately, car insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver. In this case, he cannot use his own insurance to cover the damage he caused to your vehicle.

General Insurance

How long do I have to pay for damage without insurance?

In most states, including California, you have up to three years to request damages for an auto accident. They also may be able to claim the accident on your brother's insurance since it is his car.


If I am taking over payments on my brother's auto loan and leaving the car in his name, can I insure it?

You may be able to add the vehicle to an existing policy, but the registration and insurance will be in the name of two different people, which can create an issue with the state. I would recommend adding your brother as a second named insured on your policy, which means he has the same rights on the policy as you, and then add the vehicle.

Coverage & Claims

Should we go through our insurance to fix my brothers car?

You should check your insurance policy to see if that vehicle has collision coverage. If it does, your insurance company is very unlikely to deny the claim simply based on these details.
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