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Is it possible to bundle three lines of insurance?

It is challenging to say which insurer would be the best for bundling multiple lines of insurance. Most companies would likely give you multiple policies to cover your vehicles, RV, and homes.

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Can I bundle multiple ride-sharing policies together to save on insurance?

In order to have a ridesharing policy with a standard car insurance company (such as Geico or Progressive), you have to have a personal policy already established. A personal policy is what the average driver in the US currently has.

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What's the cheapest company for a 60 year old man with a DUI

Because car insurance companies and through extension your insurance premium are incredibly specific, it's impossible for me to give you the exact company that is the cheapest. However, through our analysis here, we see that Liberty Mutual tends to be the cheapest company for a DUI conviction, all other metrics consistent.

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Should I file a homeowners or auto claim?

Although the damage was done to a home, this would be considered part of your liability coverage under property damage in your auto insurance policy. In order to get the damages to your vehicle repaired, you would be filing a collision claim, which would ultimately be considered an at-fault accident and would most likely raise your rates.

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If I bundle home insurance and car insurance, will I be able to pay just one bill for both policies?

The benefit of bundling auto and home insurance is that you receive a multi-policy discount. If your auto insurance company also underwrites your home insurance coverage then you might even have just one company handling all of your claims.
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