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If I'm buying a car but don't have a license, can my dad insure it for me in his name?

Louisiana law requires that the owner of the vehicle also insure it in their name. If you are the titled owner of the vehicle then you will also need to register and insure it under your name.

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Should I keep full coverage on my vehicle or switch to liability?

The first thing I would do would be to determine a rough estimate of the value of the vehicle. I recommend using NADA guides or some other valuation service like Kelly Blue Book.

General Insurance

Do I need car insurance in Wisconsin if I'm not driving?

In Wisconsin, you aren't required to insure a vehicle until you put it on the road. There would be no need to take out a policy until the vehicle is registered and ready to be driven.

General Insurance

Can I buy car insurance in advance of purchasing a vehicle?

It would be a smart idea to have the policy go into affect on the day that you buy your car if that's possible. If you need to purchase a policy before the day you get the vehicle then you shouldn't have any issues starting it, but you would be wasting money on coverage for any days before you actually get the vehicle.
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