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Can I be listed on the same policy as a driver in another state?

This can be tricky but the simple answer is yes, you can be listed on their policy if you live in another state. However, if you will be driving the car in a different state than where it is registered, the majority of the time, you will need to register the car in that state.

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Can you dispute the other parties insurance claims adjuster stated damage amount?

In this instance, it sounds like you are being held "at-fault" for the accident. So, here's what you should do: Call your insurance company and speak to their claim's department.

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I paid out of pocket after an accident.

Since you paid out of pocket, there's no point in reporting the car accident yourself. It gets a little trickier when you consider the other party: they could still file a claim against you and you would get stuck with an accident on your records.


Can I obtain auto insurance with a UK drivers license?

There are several carriers that will insure you with a foreign license. In California, you will need to provide both your foreign license and your US permit information.


Can I get USAA insurance from son in law

Although I am not a licensed agent for USAA, it is my understanding that you need to be a child or spouse of an established members to get a policy. Meaning, you wouldn't be eligible to get your own policy away from your son-in-law.

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Do I need no-fault coverage?

You can't really get no-fault unless you live in a state where it is required. Currently, 12 states have no-fault insurance laws: Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Utah.

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Getting car insurance without a social security number

Not all insurance companies require you to have an SSN when shopping for car insurance. The tricky aspect has to do with not having a drivers license.


Debris fell out of truck and damaged my bumper

I recommend you contact your insurance company and give them all the information regarding the accident. This includes photos of the damage to your vehicle, the highway name it happened, time, license plate of at-fault driver, and vehicle description.


Bought a car privately in CA but didn't get the title signatures

I would recommend looking at what's called a bonded title or surety bond (available here through your state's DMV website). Basically, this supports the issuance of a California title when regular evidence of ownership for the vehicle is not obtainable.

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Damage caused to rental car by valet

I would first contact the valet company. Valet's are required to carry car insurance for their drivers that extends to cover the vehicles when they're in their care.
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