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General Insurance

I need one month car insurance with an international driver's license

Most policies are for at least 6 months. You can always cancel your policy at any time however, there is most likely a cancellation fee that you will need to pay.

Coverage & Claims
General Insurance

Do I have to keep making my insurance payments for a vehicle getting repaired?

You should definitely make your scheduled payments. I would continuously try and contact them.

Coverage & Claims

Is fault shared when backing out of a parking spot?

Typically, the car that was backing out would be considered at fault. Every situation can be different and you may be both considered at fault.

Coverage & Claims

I damaged a vehicle I was test driving with no insurance

The dealership should have insurance to cover incidents during test drives. They would file a claim for the vehicle damage.

Coverage & Claims

Should I file a claim for $3,000 with a deductible of $1,000?

There's a couple of things to think about. With the value of damage and your deductible, the most you would save by filing a claim is 2k.


Do you have a carrier that will write an auto policy for a driver with an international permit?

We do have a few companies that will insure you with a foreign license. First, you need to complete the quote online.

Coverage & Claims

Can I limit to children to only drive the cheapest vehicle?

California operates under a "rated driver" pricing system in auto insurance. Basically, all drives must be "rate" to a particular vehicle.

General Insurance

Can a auto insurance financing company decline insurance coverage from an insurance company?

Although that seems a bit odd, I can't answer that question. The insurance companies that a finance company will approve is specific to each financial institution.

General Insurance

US car insurance for non US residents

Since you are not the owner of the car and will be driving one specific car, you will not be able to get insurance on your own. You will need to be added to the owner of the car's policy as a driver while you will be "renting" the vehicle.


Can I get car insurance with a state ID?

Yes, you can get insurance without a license. There will be a surcharge for not having a license in California.
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