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What is the cheapest car to have my teenage son drive?

With most companies, all drivers on the policy are covered to drive all cars on the policy. This means vehicles are not typically assigned to a driver.
Jun 25, 2019 Owasso, OK

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What model car can I pick to get the cheapest insurance rates?

The cheapest type of car to insure is typically an early-2000s 4-door sedan. You want it to be a car that you are not making payments on that way you do not have to carry comprehensive and collision coverage.
Jan 17, 2019 Austin, TX

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I would like car insurance for around 40 to 60 per month

Although lots of car insurance companies advertise "name your price tools," it doesn't really work that way. Your car insurance quote is based on a driving profile made of driving and non-driving factors.
Aug 3, 2018 Houston, TX

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Non American looking for cheap car insurance

There are some things we need to consider here. First, insurance rates can vary daily so you can really only shop for and purchase insurance a few weeks before you will need to use it.
Jun 26, 2018 Sydney, Australia

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If I'm on social security can that lower my car insurance

Unfortunately, your income isn't a rating factor for your car insurance. While there are some programs for low-income drivers, that might help you, I don't know any based in Louisiana.
Jun 16, 2018 Matairie, LA


Cheapest car for 16 year old male

Car insurance is incredibly specific - it can change based on your zip code and the VIN of your vehicle. So, it's going to be near impossible for me to give the company or car that will be the cheapest.
May 18, 2018 Vancouver, WA


Need low income car insurance in California

California is one of the few states that has government-sponsored car insurance programs. You can apply for this program online through their DMV page or here.
Mar 20, 2018 Hayward, California

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Zero down payment car insurance

Most "standard" insurance companies don't advertise based on no down payments or being able to pay as you go. This is because they believe it will attract risky clients.
Mar 20, 2018 Colorado Springs, Colorado

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How can my daughter, age 19, get affordable car insurance?

Her best bet, because of her age and high cost of insurance in Florida, would be to get added on to a family member's policy of the household where she lives. Once she has been insured for at least 6 months she should qualify for lower rates because of the discount for being continuously insured.
Sep 30, 2017 Orlando, FL

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How do I get cheaper rates in Oregon if I have to file an SR22?

Outside of shopping with as many companies as possible to find the lowest rate, I'd recommend driving much more cautiously. Only time is going to make your rate any better since you have so many incidents on your driving record.
Apr 23, 2017 Aloha, OR

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If I'm a high risk driver, what can I do to get cheap insurance?

The best thing you can do is shop with as many companies as possible to find the most affordable option. Make sure that you disclose all of your previous accidents and tickets to get accurate quotes.
Apr 5, 2017 Butler, GA
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