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Can an insurance company refuse to remove a child from my policy?

All members of your household, that are of driving age, need to be listed on your policy. You can either list them as a driver or you can exclude them.

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General Insurance

Can I keep my married child on my car insurance policy in South Carolina?

It would really depend on your insurance and why you want your child to remain on your policy. If your child uses your vehicle regularly when he or she visits, speak to your insurance company about adding them as a non-resident driver.


Why can I not remove my son from my auto insurance policy with Geico?

Generally you can't remove a household member from your policy unless they have their own separate insurance coverage. You should have the option to exclude your son from the policy if you don't want him to impact your rate, but that means he will not be covered to drive any of the vehicles you currently insure.

General Insurance

Who insures a teenage driver after a divorce?

Generally speaking, the parent with primary custody should insure the child on their policy. The tricky part would be if your son will be driving your vehicle while at your home and his father's vehicle when he stays with him.

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If someone is involved in a wreck while borrowing a vehicle, does that driver file the claim under their insurance?

Insurance follows the vehicle and pays primary after an accident so the claim would need to be filed with the company that insures the car. If that policy does not provide enough coverage for all of the damage then the driver borrowing the vehicle would have to use their coverage for any additional damage.

General Insurance

Does having a child impact my car insurance rate?

Luckily, passengers don't affect your insurance rates, so a new addition to the family won't cause you to pay more. That being said, with additional passengers, especially young children, you might want to consider revisiting the coverage on your insurance policy.

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Can my son use his pickup truck this summer to haul stuff for a fee?

Anyone listed as a driver on the policy will be covered to operate the vehicle for personal use. If a person lives with you, drives the vehicle on a regular basis, and isn't listed as a driver on the policy then they are definitely not covered to drive.
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