Coverage & Claims

Must I list my children on my policy if they have a learners permit or a drivers license in the state of New York?

Thank you for the question. In short, you will run into issues with your insurance company if you are not listing all household members.

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General Insurance

My two kids live at home and drive my cars. Should I give the cars to them and have them handle their own insurance?

If you want to transfer the titles, you can do that through your state's DMV. The kids would list themselves on the policy only and remove themselves from your policy since the cars are no longer under your name.

Homeowners Insurance

If my children are moving back into my home temporarily, do I need to add them to my homeowners insurance?

Assuming that your son and daughter-in-law maintain a homeowners insurance policy of their own, it would not be necessary for you to add them to your policy. Their personal property and liability will still be covered by their home insurance provider while they are staying with your temporarily.
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