Coverage & Claims

I'm on a shared policy, is it possible that the claims made somehow only show up to my name?

Claims departments should be marking the correct driver for a claim but other drivers pop up on reports from time to time. This comes from the way the insurance company generating the quote is reading reports.

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General Insurance

How do I get a copy of my MVR?

An MVR wouldn't show accident claims, it will only show your past tickets or citations. If an insurer paid out for a claim, the most likely report they're using is called a CLUE report.

Homeowners Insurance

I started a claim but canceled it with no payout. Why is it on my CLUE report?

Unfortunately, if you start the claims process, the insurance company can list it on your CLUE report through LexisNexis which contains your claims history — even if there was no payout or resolution. You can dispute with State Farm to see if they will remove it, but at this point, that is really the only option which is definitely frustrating.

Coverage & Claims

If I pay the other driver's insurance, will it impact my driving record?

Since the car insurance companies are involved it is highly likely that it will be listed on your CLUE report and impact your insurance premium. You should contact your insurance company and let them handle the claim since it will likely be reported either way.

General Insurance

Can insurers share claim payout information?

The C.L.U.E. report is used by many insurance companies to report claims.

Coverage & Claims

Why is my CDL license being penalized for an accident I was not involved in?

If the policy was in your name when the accident occurred, the accident will show up on your claims history as an at-fault accident. The reason this shows up is your responsible for claims that are paid out on behalf of your policy.

General Insurance

How can I find out if my insurance company is a CLUES or ISO member/participant?

There is not a website that will list which database an insurance company pulls their reports from. With that being said, most companies will disclose what they use if you ask.

Homeowners Insurance

How to remove not at fault homeowners claims

There are some steps you can take to try and get this fixed. Most insurance companies are using what is called a CLUE report.

Driving History

Removing a claim from my insurance record

I would recommend getting what's called a CLUE Report. This is a comprehensive loss report.

General Insurance

How many years of driving history do insurance companies check?

While it can vary by car insurance company, most insurance companies will charge (rate your premium) for any ticket or violation for 3 years. However, after that 3 years you won't be charged.


My ins co gave me an accident free discount when I've had an accident

It might depend on what your new company is referring to as an "accident" and what you consider to be an accident. For example, your insurance company might not consider not at-fault accidents when they created this discount.
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