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Car Insurance Costs

Should I drop my 25yo son from insurance?

To answer your first question, will removing your son from the policy help decrease your premium, it depends. Some companies are going to charge you because the claim was made on your policy so your rates can still be impacted at renewal, even if you take your son off the policy.

Homeowners Insurance

Tiny house insurance needed

For all their homeowners, Airbnb provides Host Protection coverage that protect the contents of the house from guest damages. You will also need to get regular homeowners insurance in addition to what Airbnb covers.

Homeowners Insurance

How to remove not at fault homeowners claims

There are some steps you can take to try and get this fixed. Most insurance companies are using what is called a CLUE report.

General Insurance

Car insurance for an 18yo in Colorado

There are too many unique rating factors that determine your car insurance rate for me to give you an exact answer. Based on your location, the average rate of car insurance in Colorado in 2017 was $1,435.

Coverage & Claims

Are some insurance providers better suited to my needs than others to get the best rate?

Because most coverage options can be matched across insurance companies, I think what you are really looking for is the best customer service/claims support for the best cost. Right off the bat, I know Geico probably wouldn't be an option for you with a leased vehicle.

General Insurance

What insurance do i need if i am financing a car

Dealerships and sometimes insurance companies thrown around the term full coverage but it really can mean a lot of things. Usually, it's referring to collision and comprehensive coverage.

Homeowners Insurance

How much are landlord insurance policies?

Landlord policies can be actually be more expensive due to the risk of having tenants in the house. I would also make sure that any tenants you take on have their own renters plan that includes liability coverage.

General Insurance

Does the state offer a grace period for car insurance?

If you have another policy already established with a car insurance company, they might offer a grace period. Meaning, a few weeks from when you buy it until you need to add it to your policy.

Coverage & Claims

Can I file an claim for negligence

I would assess the damages and if you can pay out of pocket, do so. While the claims department might disagree, this sounds like it would be an at-fault collision claim.

General Insurance

Zero down payment car insurance

Most "standard" insurance companies don't advertise based on no down payments or being able to pay as you go. This is because they believe it will attract risky clients.
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