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Car insurance implications of not adding wife to policy

Most insurance companies require anyone above driving age (16, usually) to either be added to the policy as a driver, excluded, to added to the policy as a non-driver. In this case, she will most likely be an excluded driver, meaning she isn't allowed to use the vehicle.

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance denying coverage for burst pipe

I recommend looking through your policy documentation and see if there are any stipulations regarding your responsibility during winter months. Some require you have your home above 60 degrees to prevent damage to your pipes or keep the faucets dripping as to prevent the pipes from bursting.

Coverage & Claims

Does comp coverage cover mechanical damage due to cold weather?

Unfortunately, mechanical breakdown is usually one of the things that is usually excluded from most automobile coverages - including comprehensive. You can double check with your insurance company to see if you have coverage, but "typical" auto insurance policies do not provide that type of coverage.

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Can an insurance company force add me to a policy even if I do not drive?

Insurance companies generally require any household member of driving age be listed on a policy. Policyholders normally have the option, however, to "exclude" anyone they don't want added to their policy.

Coverage & Claims

Can I file a claim if my transmission went out?

Auto insurance is intended to cover your vehicle in the event of damage from a crash or other incidents listed on your policy. Wear and tear is generally covered by a vehicle warranty and not by your insurance company.

Coverage & Claims

Am I required to provide insurance information if we agreed there was no damage but the other driver now wants to file a claim?

Technically you are required to exchange insurance information after an accident. To keep yourself from being the victim of any sort of insurance fraud you should always take pictures of both vehicles after an accident, even if there is no visible damage.

General Insurance

Do adult children have to be added to a policy when occasionally driving a parent's car if they have their own policy?

They would only need to be listed as drivers if they live in your household and/or drive the truck on a "regular" basis. Most companies consider "regular" use as 12 times or more per year.

Renters Insurance

If I'm in between apartments, when do I need to change the address on my renters insurance?

For the purpose of complying with your new apartment's landlord, it's best to change the address on your policy before you move in. This will satisfy the insurance requirement for your new place.

Coverage & Claims

If you've been involved in multiple hit-and-runs but never reported them, can you still file a claim?

Technically these are 3 separate incidents and would constitute 3 different claims. The driver that hit you most recently would be responsible for the damage that he caused, but you would be responsible for the damage from the other incidents since there is no one else to hold responsible.

General Insurance

Do I need commercial auto insurance to deliver mail in my jeep?

In most cases, making deliveries in your personal vehicle would be considered a commercial risk. Even if it is only for a short period, you may not be covered if an accident occurs.
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