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Can our insurance company completely drop us and all of our vehicles?

An insurance policy is intended to cover vehicles kept at the address where the policy is written. Insuring vehicles under the same policy that are regularly kept at different addresses is considered insurance fraud and will likely result in the cancellation of the policy altogether.

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If I started a claim with my insurance company but later decided to settle out of pocket with the other driver, will my rate still be impacted?

Unfortunately once the insurance company has been notified of a crash the information will be documented on the CLUE report of the driver involved in the accident. Since there is no way to say with any certainty how the incident will impact your rate, as that decision is ultimately up to Geico, proceeding with the claim or dropping it will not change the end result concerning your rate.

General Insurance

How do I avoid fines if I want to drop one of my vehicles off my policy?

In most cases, the registration would need to be returned to the state if you don't plan on insuring the vehicle. If your friend plans to drive the vehicle then they would need to insure it on their own policy.
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