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Should I take cash for a not-at-fault accident?

If you choose not to go through the insurance company, then it is between you and the other party to work out the details. It is your choice as to how the claim is handled.

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Coverage & Claims

If I have only the minimum insurance, PIP & liability and have an accident not involving any other cars, will my car’s damages be covered?

Unfortunately, your insurance company is correct. Since you only have liability, your insurance company would only pay for damages to others.

Coverage & Claims

Minor fender bender when I wasn't at fault for car accident

Because you were the not-at-fault driver here, your car insurance premium would not go up. If you do decide to file a claim, which you are in the right to, you would be filing it through the other driver's car insurance.

Coverage & Claims

I have two not at-fault accidents

Because this is another driver's fault, you would be handling the claim through their claim's department. I recommend getting an estimate from a shop you trust and have read reviews for in order to compare the estimates.

Coverage & Claims

What do I do if I scratched a person's car, agreed to pay out of pocket, but can't agree on the cost of the repair?

Unfortunately agreeing to pay for damage out of pocket without involving your insurance company can lead to issues like this. He does not have to agree with your offer and can attempt to get you to pay more than the actual cost of the repair.

Coverage & Claims
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What do I do if I am hit by another driver and they refuse to provide me their insurance information?

Regardless of the amount of damage caused in an accident, drivers should still exchange insurance information. Normally in the event that the police are called and a report is written the information of both drivers is documented, including insurance information.

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Can a person I hit force me to pay more for their damage than the actual cost of the repair?

If the two of you can't come to an agreement on the dollar amount then she is well within her right to file a claim for the damage. If you do decide to pay out of pocket I would highly recommend documenting the transaction somehow; either through a receipt, written check, or photo of the transaction.

Coverage & Claims

Should I file a claim to repair my Tesla?

Our State of Insurance report (page 58) shows that an accident in New Jersey has an average impact of $1,228 in additional premium per year. Since accidents will impact rates for 3 years, it may make the most sense to cover the damage on your Tesla out of your own pocket.
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