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Will non-moving violations impact my insurance premium?

Most companies do not consider non-moving violations as a factor when calculating your rate. But every company is different so you may run across one that will rate on non-moving violations, but it is really uncommon.

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General Insurance

Can I drive vehicle with expired license?

Yes, you can be covered to drive the vehicle if you are listed as a driver on the insurance policy for the vehicle. Typically, car insurance companies will allow you to be added to the policy with an expired license if you get your license back within 30 days.

General Insurance

If my license was previously suspended but has been reinstated, will this affect my insurance?

Your rate may be impacted by the prior suspension if it was within 3 years of the start date of a new policy, but each company is different so there is also a good chance that it won't have any impact. If you speak with an agent in person or over the phone you may want to mention the suspension but also note that it is currently valid to avoid any confusion since the driving report is run at the time that you purchase your policy and not when you get a quote.
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