Can I get car insurance if I'm here on a tourist visa?

In this case, you would want to speak directly with an insurance company. At The Zebra, we have several carriers that will insure you with a foreign license. I recommend giving our agency a call at 888-807-3823.

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Is there a temporary non-owners car insurance for foreign drivers?

As an international student, you do have some options. The Zebra can offer Non-Owner's policies for drivers with a foreign license. We can't quote that online because a car is required, but you can give us a call at 888-807-3823. We will quote you with several companies at once.

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Do I get a discount for foreign driving experience?

There are not companies that will offer a discount based on foreign driving experience. There are several companies that will not rate your daughter higher for only having a license for three years.


How do I handle insurance for my license's test?

Yes, there are several companies that will insure you with a learner's permit. Not all companies will do it but most will.


Temporary car insurance for foreign driver in US

Since you will be driving your friend's car, you will need to be listed on their insurance policy as a driver. Since your friend is the owner of the car, they are required to maintain insurance on it.


Do you have a carrier that will write an auto policy for a driver with an international permit?

We do have a few companies that will insure you with a foreign license. First, you need to complete the quote online.

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US car insurance for non US residents

Since you are not the owner of the car and will be driving one specific car, you will not be able to get insurance on your own. You will need to be added to the owner of the car's policy as a driver while you will be "renting" the vehicle.
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