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Can my friend insure and drive a car I bought?

She can get insurance in her name. Some companies will make you be listed as an excluded driver.

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Coverage & Claims

If my friend gets a ticket while driving my uninsured car, who will it go to?

If your friend was pulled over without insurance, they would be the one to receive the ticket. However, if they caused an accident, the other party may be able to come after you AND your friend for damages.

General Insurance

When filling out quotes, do I have to disclose an accident that my friend had while driving my car?

The questions pertains to you as a driver. The same would go for tickets.

Coverage & Claims

If I file a claim where my friend wrecked my dad's car, will her insurance rate go up?

Technically speaking, filing a claim would not result in a "point" on your friend's license because insurance companies do not issue "points" to the DMV. Points are the result of tickets and accidents where a police officer was called to the crash scene or wrote a citation.

Coverage & Claims
General Insurance

What happens if I am hit by an uninsured driver, but the vehicle I'm driving is also uninsured?

Normally insurance coverage follows the vehicle being driven even if it is borrowed by another driver that has their own policy. In a situation where you are hit by an uninsured driver and the vehicle you were driving is also uninsured, it may be possible to file a damage claim with your insurance provider since your policy would normally apply on a secondary basis.

Coverage & Claims

What should I do if I damaged an old car and don't want the insurance company to total the vehicle?

You are right to be concerned about the car being totaled if you file an insurance claim, so if you can afford to pay for the repairs out of pocket then I would recommend doing that. If you were to file a claim, the car's owner might have the option to purchase is back from the insurance company but that could easily be avoided by simply covering the repairs yourself.

Boat Insurance

Will my boat insurance policy cover a passenger falling overboard?

The answer will depend on the coverage you currently have on your policy. There are two instances where boat insurance would cover an injury to a passenger caused from falling overboard. If your policy includes medical coverage, your passenger's medical bills should be covered up to the limit on your policy.

Coverage & Claims

If a friend's car was keyed while at my house for a party, will he be able to file a claim?

It really will depend on whether your friend's auto insurance policy includes comprehensive coverage. Beyond that, the damage to the paint will have to be higher than his deductible before his insurance company will pay for anything.

Coverage & Claims

Can I file a claim for a stolen car if my son gave his friend permission to drive my vehicle?

You will need to report the vehicle stolen before you are able to file a claim with your insurance provider. From there, your insurance company should handle the remainder of the claim if you have comprehensive coverage.

Car Insurance Costs

Why do some jobs get insurance discounts and others don't?

Insurance companies analyze a lot of information to better forecast risk (customers). This basically means that they try to determine how likely it is that a person will file a claim and charge that customer accordingly. Companies have found that drivers with higher levels of education and certain jobs are less likely to file a claim and offer a discount for being in a lower risk category. Each company rates drivers a bit differently so it may be time to consider shopping around for a new insurance company.

General Insurance

If you hit a pothole but claim a hit-and-run, is that considered fraud?

It's very likely that the claims adjuster examining the vehicle will be able to tell the difference between damage caused by another vehicle and damaged caused by a pothole. If she is being dishonest with her insurance company then it's likely that they could deny her claim altogether.
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