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Where can I purchase gap insurance via auto insurance?

Some companies will offer something similar to gap coverage if you cannot purchase it through your finance company. Sometimes, this coverage will pay a percentage of what you owe.

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Can I insure my son's business vehicle?

There are a few things to think about. Let's break it down.

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Is it ever possible to buy retroactive car insurance?

Unfortunately, if you did not have collision coverage on the vehicle at the time of the accident, your damages will not be covered. Insurance cannot be backdated.

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Can I suspended my insurance for 6 months while out of the country?

Unfortunately, as long as the car is registered and still has plates, you have to maintain insurance on the car. You can do the following: Cancel the registration and insurance.

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Should I get gap insurance or is full coverage enough?

Gap insurance is designed to work with your comprehensiveand collisioncoverage, not as a substitute. Basically, gap insurance will kick in if you total your vehicle and the amount you paid out by your insurance company isn't enough to cover the value of the loan.

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Car got stolen and only have gap insurance

Gap insurance only covers difference between what an insurance company paid out and what remains on your loan. If you did not have insurance at the time of the claim they likely will not honor anything.

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I sold my car what do I do with my insurance?

You are not required by law to get insurance if you do not own any vehicles. What your agent is doing is protecting you from a lapse in coverage.
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