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Can I use my car insurance to damage to garage door?

Your car insurance would not cover the damage to the garage, only the damage to your vehicle if you have collision coverage. As for your second coverage, I would recommend paying for the damage out of pocket. Making a claim on your homeowner's insurance will increase your rates, most likely more than what it cost to make the repairs.

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Homeowners Insurance

My neighbor's property damaged by vehicle

Yes - their home insurance's liability coverage would apply to the damage to your truck. I would contact your neighbor's and get their insurance information.

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Should I file a claim if I damaged my car backing out of the driveway but I only have liability?

If you only have liability coverage then you wouldn't be able to file a damage claim. Your policy would had to have included collision coverage at the time of the incident for you to be able to get it repaired through your insurance provider.

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Do I have to pay two deductibles if I damaged my car and my house?

Yes, because you own your home and your car, you would be filing 2 different claims. The liability coverage on your car does not extend to cover damage you cause to your own property.
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