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Can you get in legal trouble if you hit a parking pole?

Whether or not you could get into hot water legally-speaking depends on a few factors: 1. Was there another party involved in the collision?

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Coverage & Claims

Metal flew off the gas station roof and busted my windshield. Who pays for this?

This is a question for an insurance adjuster. They will be able to determine if the gas station was negligent.

Coverage & Claims

If my car was damaged at a gas station due to bad weather, who pays for the repair?

For damage caused to your vehicle by objects other than a vehicle, comprehensive coverage would normally pay for your repair. This type of damage would have to be covered by your own insurance company unless you have proof that the item that caused damage to your vehicle came from a specific source, i.e.

Coverage & Claims
General Insurance

Do I contact the other driver's insurance company if they hit me while at the gas station?

If the other party hit your vehicle, and it's pretty clearly they're at fault, then you should contact their insurance for repairs. Parking lot accidents or accidents that occur on private property can be difficult to determine fault, but it sounds like the incident is pretty straight forward.
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