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Coverage & Claims

If I was driving a company van and backed into a vehicle, can I use my personal insurance to cover the damage?

Technically insurance coverage follows the vehicle so you should be filing a claim with the company that insures the vehicle you were driving. If you attempt to file a claim with your personal insurance company, they are going to investigate the vehicles involved and that would quickly lead to them denying the claim.

General Insurance

What coverage do I need if a deer runs into my car?

Animals cause all sorts of damage to vehicles, and not always because someone hits them with their car. Luckily, insurance companies don't discriminate over you hitting an animal or an animal hitting your car.

Coverage & Claims

Will my car insurance pay for damage I caused while riding my bike?

Your auto insurance policy is intended to cover your liability while driving a car. If you are liable for damage that does not involve your vehicle, you would need to file a claim with your renters or homeowners insurance company.
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