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Homeowners Insurance

Can a homeowners claim be removed if there was no payout

No, because there was still a claim filed with the insurance company, they just didn't pay out for the claim. They had to pay for the claims adjuster to evaluate the damage.

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Homeowners Insurance

Is this covered by my homeowners or do I have to sue?

Homeowner's insurance is to repair damage caused by an unforeseen event. In this case, it will most likely not be covered by insurance, especially because it is cosmetic damage caused by home improvements.

Homeowners Insurance

Does homeowners insurance cover re-stain after claim?

Your homeowner's insurance will typically pay to repair the damage to the property. They don't pay to make sure the stain matches.

Homeowners Insurance

Will insurance cover damage caused by an aging house?

Typically, a homeowners policy will not cover things like wear and tear. But it depends on how the damage was caused.

Homeowners Insurance

How does insurance replace or compensate for damage to custom artwork?

This question is very specific to your homeowner's policy. Your agent will be able to tell you what type of coverage you have and the adjuster will be able to tell you how much they will pay to repair the damages.

Homeowners Insurance

Claims that would be covered under a HO3 and not covered HO2?

One example of an HO2 claim that would not be covered under an HO-2 would be any water damage relating to water backup, foundation, or slow leaks. As you mentioned, the HO-2 is a named peril policy.

Homeowners Insurance

Can mold be turned in on a homeowners claim in Texas?

There is no right way to answer this question without looking at your homeowner's policy. Most policies will cover the damages but some will not.

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Homeowners Insurance

Can I use my car insurance to damage to garage door?

Your car insurance would not cover the damage to the garage, only the damage to your vehicle if you have collision coverage. As for your second coverage, I would recommend paying for the damage out of pocket.

Homeowners Insurance

Dog bite claim on a home insurance policy

Every insurance company is different when it comes to home claims. Any claim that is filled will impact their rate and as you mentioned you can even be dropped by your insurance company.

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Garage doors damaged

Only file a claim if the damages are so bad that you can't pay out of pocket to get the car and garage fixed. If you file a claim, you will get stuck with an at-fault accident on your record for 3 years.
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