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Homeowners Insurance

Will homeowners insurance cover my ceiling falling

Claims questions can be tricky because they depend on not only what caused the damage but the type of homeowners policy you have. For example, if your have a HO-2, HO-3, HO-4, HO-5, or HO-6 policy.

Homeowners Insurance

How to remove not at fault homeowners claims

There are some steps you can take to try and get this fixed. Most insurance companies are using what is called a CLUE report.

Homeowners Insurance

Insurance company low balled claim payout

Although I do not have a claims license, my best advice would be to collect all the information you have from other contractors and speak with the claims adjuster assigned to your case. Most policies are written to reimburse the policy holder with comparable value as what they had before.

Homeowners Insurance

My neighbor's property damaged by vehicle

Yes - their home insurance's liability coverage would apply to the damage to your truck. I would contact your neighbor's and get their insurance information.

Coverage & Claims

Would this be a homeowners or car insurance claim?

While there are some details left it, the damage to the garden wall will be covered by your property damage liability insurance while the damage to your vehicle would be covered by your collision insurance. If it's your garden wall, you might have more freedom with the insurance proceedings.

Coverage & Claims
Homeowners Insurance

Should I file a homeowners or auto claim?

Although the damage was done to a home, this would be considered part of your liability coverage under property damage in your auto insurance policy. In order to get the damages to your vehicle repaired, you would be filing a collision claim, which would ultimately be considered an at-fault accident and would most likely raise your rates.

Coverage & Claims

Filing a claim for damage caused by failed power steering?

You will most likely need to speak with your insurance company and get your car examined to see if the failed power steering caused the accident. Ultimately, you will be filing a claim with your auto insurance for the damage to the car and then with your renters/homeowners insurance for the damage to the garage's framework.

Homeowners Insurance

Will homeowners insurance cover a collapsing ceiling?

It really depends on what is causing the collapse of the ceiling, but it is very likely to be covered unless the collapse occurred due wear and tear or negligence. Ultimately that decision is going to be up to your homeowners insurance company based on the terms and coverage of your policy, so you will need to contact them directly the inquire about your coverage.

Homeowners Insurance

Will my homeowners insurance cover damage caused by a hurricane?

The majority of homeowners insurance policies do not provide coverage for flood damage. Unless your insurance policy provides coverage specifically against floods, you would have to have flood insurance through FEMA or the NFIP.

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Homeowners Insurance

Who covers damage caused by a tree falling onto a neighbor's home?

It all depends on what caused the tree, or branch, to fall on your neighbor's property. If the branch became detached from the tree due to the storm, the damage would be considered an act of god and should be covered by your neighbor's homeowners insurance policy.
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