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Can you insure a vehicle with multiple drivers on the same policy?

Most insurance companies allow up to four drivers on a single policy. Some companies may even allow a larger number of drivers than that, but four is fairly standard.

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General Insurance

If I'm buying a car but don't have a license, can my dad insure it for me in his name?

Louisiana law requires that the owner of the vehicle also insure it in their name. If you are the titled owner of the vehicle then you will also need to register and insure it under your name.

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Can I avoid paying for insurance for my car while I am away for active duty military leave?

The reason banks require comprehensive and collision coverage on a vehicle in storage is because it could be damaged by a fire or a collapse of the building in which it is stored. In addition to the bank, Massachusetts requires any vehicle registered in the state to also be insured.

General Insurance

Which state would I need to get insurance in if my daughter will be attending graduate school out-of-state and the car is in my name?

The vehicle will need to be insured in the state where it is driven, so you have 1 of 2 options. You can have your daughter added as a co-owner of the vehicle and she will be able to register and insure the vehicle in her name, in the new state.

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Can I insure a travel trailer with a different company than the one that insures my car?

Yes you absolutely can. There is no requirement that both be insured with the same company.

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If I insure a vehicle owned by my parents, could they be sued if I were involved in an accident?

While it's quite possible that the liability portion of your policy would provide sufficient coverage for damage you may cause in an accident, your parents may be subject to "vicarious liability" since they technically own the vehicle. This means that it is possible for them to be sued if you hurt someone else in a crash.


Which insurers will cover vehicles not manufactured for sale in the US?

Your best bet would likely be to contact a local, independent agent in your area because most national insurance companies will not cover a vehicle of that type. Independent agents normally offer a multitude of insurance options and there may be a few companies willing to insure your vehicle.

General Insurance

If I just purchased a vehicle, how many days do I have to insure it?

Technically since you traded in a vehicle that already had an active policy, your new vehicle should be covered. Most insurance companies will automatically cover a new vehicle, for existing policy holders, for a few days until you are able to contact them to change vehicles on your policy.


If a car has full coverage under someone else's name, can I open another policy on that car under my name?

The simplest solution would be to request that the owner add you to the existing policy. Insuring the vehicle on two separate polices violates the insurance contract of the owner's policy.

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Can I keep my car registered in Rhode Island, but have my auto insurance written as a New York State policy?

The problem would be with the state of Rhode Island concerning your registration. If your vehicle is no longer insured in the state then you will be expected to turn in your registration tags and get new tags in the New York.

General Insurance

Why do I have to keep insurance on my old car if I'm not using it?

It really has more to do with the fact that you still have the vehicle registered in your name. New Jersey monitors whether or not vehicles registered in the state are also insured.
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