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What are my options if I am paying over $700 a month in car insurance?

Unfortunately, it would appear that your girlfriend's insurance company sees her as a high-risk driver. This would explain her coverage being dropped and the new policy having expensive rates.

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If I am leasing a car and die before the end of the lease term, can I buy insurance to cover that?

I recommend getting a life insurance policy is this is something you are concerned about. To my knowledge, there is not coverage within auto insurance that would help with the death of a policyholder.

General Insurance

What can I expect to pay for first time car insurance?

Waiting until you're 30 will not really impact your rate. The bigger rating factor will be your lack of insurance history.


I was billed for forced car insurance even though I already had it

While it can vary by the individual policy procedures of your lender, they should be able to backdate those charges if you're able to show proof of insurance for the duration of the loan. You can request a policy declaration or binder from your insurance company which will show the date of policy inception.

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Will the insurer research to see if my car is financed?

While it can vary by car insurance company and individual agents, some may probe when doing quotes to see the status of the vehicle to make sure you are getting the correct policy type and the correct coverage. If you have a loan or lease on the vehicle, you're more than likely required to carry gap and collision and comprehensive coverage.

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Should I get gap insurance or is full coverage enough?

Gap insurance is designed to work with your comprehensiveand collisioncoverage, not as a substitute. Basically, gap insurance will kick in if you total your vehicle and the amount you paid out by your insurance company isn't enough to cover the value of the loan.


Can my boyfriend insure my financed vehicle?

If you are not listed as a driver, you are not insured on that policy. Which means you're probably in violation of your lease agreement and you wouldn't receive coverage in the event of an accident.


Am I able to get an SR-22 with a leased vehicle

There should be no interference in getting an SR22 and having a lease. We have many programs in house that can get this done for you.

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Is accident forgiveness a good idea for me?

You might be a good contender for this policy option. Most lease contracts will require you to keep the vehicle in good condition.


Leasing a vehicle without insurance

If you have a leased vehicle, you're technically renting it and thus must maintain comprehensive, collision, and probably gap insurance. Although it might be more expensive to get these coverages, it will save you much more money in the event of an accident.

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Handling a claim with a leased car

Because you're the not-at-fault driver, you would be filling a claim through the other driver's insurance policy. I definitely would repair the damage before you contact your lease, as the damage is probably a violation of your lease agreement.
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