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General Insurance

Can I drive vehicle with expired license?

Yes, you can be covered to drive the vehicle if you are listed as a driver on the insurance policy for the vehicle. Typically, car insurance companies will allow you to be added to the policy with an expired license if you get your license back within 30 days.

Coverage & Claims

How do I get points on my license in CA?

To answer your first question, I wouldn't file a claim. Being the deductible is only a few hundred dollars, you would pay more in a rate increase after filing a claim than you would receive.

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General Insurance

How do I update my car insurance after getting a new license?

Congrats on the move! Because car is priced at the zip code level and regulated at the state, you're going to want to update your car insurance to reflect that. Bear in mind, your premium will change as a result of your move.

General Insurance

Car insurance with a suspended license

Your best bet for finding insurance is to speak with a local independent agent. These agents are licensed to write unique policies and might be familiar with companies in your area that will issue suspended-license car insurance.

Coverage & Claims

Will I get my license taken away for driving without insurance in ga?

Driving without insurance in any state is a pretty serious offense but the consequences can vary. You could face up to $185 in fines and a year in jail (unlikely for your case).


Why was my license suspended for no insurance if it wasn't my car?

If you have your own insurance and can prove it, you might be able to get the suspension dismissed. Every vehicle is required to have insured if it is going to be driven, by law.

Coverage & Claims

Getting into an accident with a suspended license

I would recommend looking at the policy documents you signed at the beginning of your policy. Most policies have certain stipulations regarded suspended licenses because you have to have insurance in order to get your license validated.


Do I need to report a DUI to my insurance company?

If you're planning on selling the vehicle and have no intention of filing a claim for the damage, you don't need to tell your insurance company about the incident. You can just remove it from your policy.

General Insurance

If I'm buying a car but don't have a license, can my dad insure it for me in his name?

Louisiana law requires that the owner of the vehicle also insure it in their name. If you are the titled owner of the vehicle then you will also need to register and insure it under your name.


Can I still get car insurance if I'm not licensed and can't drive?

What you would need to do is have a policy written in your name, add the person who drives you around, and have yourself excluded from the policy. So the policy would basically be yours but you aren't covered as a driver so you shouldn't impact the rate as a driver.
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