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Coverage & Claims

I was a passenger that got hit but driver did not call police can i make a claim

Although having a police report is helpful after an accident, especially if there could be injuries, you can still file a claim. If you have the insurance information of the person who hit you, then you can file a claim.

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Car insurance when I own the vehicle someone else drives

Yes, he can!  In this instance, you are basically acting as the bank. We recommend for him to get a full coverage plan and list you as an additional interest on the vehicle.

General Insurance

What should I do with my car insurance after I pay off my car loan?

Congratulations! Paying off your car is a huge accomplishment.  1. Yes, let your car insurance company know: It is a good idea to notify your car insurance company of the loan payoff so that you can remove the lienholder from your policy.

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If I'm on social security can that lower my car insurance

Unfortunately, your income isn't a rating factor for your car insurance. While there are some programs that can help you, outlined here, I don't know any based in Louisiana.

Coverage & Claims

Can I add full coverage later if I only have liability

I have never heard of an insurance company that wouldn't allow you to change your coverage options mid-term - especially if you're adding coverage. You should be good to go! If you're looking for more information regarding full coverage, deductibles, and what other options you have, see our articles below.

Coverage & Claims

Rate increase after having an accident without insurance

There's a couple of things to consider. First, if you did not have insurance at the time of the accident and thus didn't file any sort of claim, your insurance wouldn't be affected.

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Driving History

My daughter cannot find insurance with bad driving record

I recommend the following: See our guide here: Car Insurance for 19-Year-Olds : In our case study, Geico was the cheapest insurance for teens. Within this guide, you can find some other saving alternatives.

General Insurance

If I'm buying a car but don't have a license, can my dad insure it for me in his name?

Louisiana law requires that the owner of the vehicle also insure it in their name. If you are the titled owner of the vehicle then you will also need to register and insure it under your name.

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Why is my insurance so expensive for a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Insurance rates are influenced by many different factors. If the accident was considered at-fault then that likely has a significant impact on your rate.

Coverage & Claims

How should I handle a situation where I hit another car but the owner doesn't want to file a claim until next week?

While it is normally up to the party who was hit to initiate the claims process with your insurance company, you can always be proactive and contact your insurance provider to let them know what happened. You can provide pictures and the details of the incident to the claims department, but no repairs can begin until the other party decides to start the process.
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