My car is garaged in Tijuana. What insurance company will insure me for California only?

I'm sorry but since your car is garaged in Mexico, you will not be able to get insurance in California. Your insurance has to be in the state where the vehicle is registered.

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My car was stolen and taken to Mexico. Can I just get a payout instead of getting the car back?

Hello, Sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, I don't know if I can give much advice, as this is a claims-related question.


Can I get a short-term insurance policy for my car if I'm a US citizen living in Mexico but will be coming back to the US for a few weeks?

Most insurance policies run for 6-12 months and can be canceled at any time. Each company handles cancellations differently so I would recommend asking about their cancellation process before starting a policy to avoid any fees.
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