General Insurance

Is there a temporary insurance policy while I'm test driving a used car to protect me before I actually buy it?

There really isn't a global policy that can be used for what you are needing, nor does "temporary insurance" exist. The good news is most insurance plans are paid month-to-month and have very minimal penalties for canceling — if any penalty at all.

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Homeowners Insurance

My roof has developed an issue over this past winter. Is this covered?

Sorry to hear about the issue. Hopefully, you can get it fixed quickly.

General Insurance

Can I carry liability insurance for my mother-in-law's vehicle even though she does not live with us?

The rules for having a non-household member on your policy depends on the specific insurance companies rules and guidelines. Some companies do not like to insure a resident who does not like in the household.

General Insurance

Can my friend insure and drive a car I bought?

She can get insurance in her name. Some companies will make you be listed as an excluded driver.

Coverage & Claims

If my car was damaged in a car wash, who pays for the repair?

The answer to your question will depend completely on the specifics of how the damage occurred. The gas station will pay for the damage if: If your vehicle was not moving and the brushes or moving parts of the car wash damaged your vehicle then the liability would be on the owner of the wash. You will have to file a claim if: If you were in control of your vehicle when the damage occurred - for instance, you drove your car into something in the process of washing the vehicle Either way, you can contact your car insurance company to begin the claims process. Once your company determines how the damage was caused then they will either require that you pay your deductible, or require the car wash owner pay for the repair.

Coverage & Claims
Driving History

Can my daughter stay on my car insurance policy after I transfer the title of the car to her?

There's a couple of things to think about here. First, it sounds like your daughter will be going to college away from your listed residence.


Am I legally required to list my son on my car insurance policy?

Most car insurance companies like to know everyone who is of driving age and has a license to be either listed on the policy or excluded. To them, it's simply peace of mind so they're aware of all the risks presented to them.

Coverage & Claims

Planning on selling old car do I still need insurance on it

There's a couple of things to look at here. Any grace period would depend on the exact policy details of your current policy.

Homeowners Insurance

My home insurance company won't give us a refund

I would ask to speak to a supervisor. If you have a policy that is effective March 22nd, your previous insurance company should allow you to cancel the policy to that day and the remaining premium should be refunded to you.

Coverage & Claims

What on my driving record is raising my car insurance premium

There's a couple of things to consider here. First, the at-fault accident you had in January 2014 is over 3 years ago, so it shouldn't be impacting your premium anymore.

Coverage & Claims

Can I purchase non-driver's car insurance?

Your best bet for finding car insurance without a license is by calling around. Some insurance companies will flat out reject you as a client because you do not have a license.
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